Friday, April 18, 2008

Joanna Bessey nominated for Best Director- Boh Cameronian Arts Awards

I've been nominated for 'Best Director' for my directorial debut last year, Ibsen's 'An Enemy of the People'. I love this photo of Zalfian Fuzi, Christina Orow, Megat and other cast members during the play, taken by 'Kelab Shashin'. If you click and look up close, it's slightly blurry (being an action shot) but everyone has such interesting expressions on their faces.
It's exciting to be nominated and I was very surprised. I found out a few weeks ago when I got a lovely text message from Zahim Albakri congratulating me and saying it was well deserved. He's also been nominated this year, along with Adlin Aman Ramlie for 'P. Ramlee- the musical'. It meant a lot to me that Zahim had enjoyed my play.
So that's how I found out, text message! Zahim and a few other friends sent text messages when the nominees came out. Up until that point I had no idea and had kind of forgotten about it. So it was a yummy surprise. :)