Monday, September 25, 2006


Sick of the haze? Want clean air to breathe? Wonder why we are having so many flash floods and landslides? Why all the climate change? Natural disasters? There is something YOU can do about it! Sign the petition to save the Belum & Temenggor Rainforest in Perak which is 130million years old! Our rainforests absorb a great deal of rainwater and filter a lot of the excessive carbon dioxide emissions we produce everyday through driving, industry etc. 40% of the world's oxygen (what you're breathing this minute) comes from the rainforests of which Malaysia is privileged to still have. Belum and Temenggor is under threat from logging but you can sign the postcards available at all Body Shops (for this month of September 2006) or go to the Malaysian Nature Society website and sign online: Find out why more than 60,000 Malaysians have already signed in the last few months and make a difference by signing the petition. Our planet is counting on us to stop polluting it. We can still do something about it now before it is way too late and the planet becomes uninhabitable. Love Joanna ;D

(At Matrixgirl's request!) Please let me know if you like this headshot and if not I'll exchange it for another one. :)
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Monday, September 18, 2006

FENDI Exhibition

Check out Joanna's and other celebrities' photos taken for FENDI, for the Palazzo showcase at the FENDI shop in Starhill, Bukit Bintang. 21st to 30th September (21st by invitation only) on the Adorn Level.
View the exhibit online at

Appeton Achievers on NTV7

Catch Joanna hosting a kids treasure hunt show, every Saturday starting 23rd September 2006 at 1pm on NTV7! This fun and exciting show is sort of a mini-version of the Amazing Race, but for kids!

It was also my one-year wedding anniversary! Here's one of my favourite wedding photos taken by the photographer Mark McQuade.