Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Omigosh! It's been forever since my last blog post. I only seem to be doing mini posts and not proper writing these days. I have actually taken a break from social media and do not have them on my phone at the moment and suddenly I have a little more time! I need to learn how to magically MAKE more time!

In terms of theatre, this year I am involved in and directing the musical comedy panto "Aladdin - Reloaded" in December 2016. Back by popular demand, our "Aladdin" panto last year was such a hoot. Our audience hollered and laughed so much, it was like a riot in the theatre. I had such fun co-producing and directing the show. And of course we had an amazing cast. Biggest shout outs go to our celebrity cast: Rashid Salleh, Peter Davis and Tria Aziz; who also act as mentors to our young adult and student cast, as part of Enfiniti Academy's yearly "Youth-On-Stage" apprenticeship program. Where our students and young performing artists can audition to be in our professional production. So it's fun and sometimes the comedy is a little raunchy (but always family friendly, of course!), it's musical, it's a panto for holiday season AND it is benefitting Arts Education for young people and giving them real work experience. So it just ticks so many boxes for me, as to why I want to be involved.

The other exciting thing about the show last year, was that we received 4 nominations at this year's 2016 Boh Cameronian Arts Awards! Securing myself with my 4th nomination for Best Director (I've been nominated 5 times since the awards began and have yet to win a "Cammie"....... just saying..... it's not about winning....it's all about the journey...... it's not about winning...... it's all about the journey...... My new mantra ;D ).
"Aladdin - A musical comedy" was nominated for:
Best Director (yours truly)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Tria Aziz)
Best Costume and make-up design (Dominique Devorsine)
and nominated for Audience Choice award, in which the public vote online.
So for a Panto and for an academy show, not bad! Not bad at all!
I was so proud of my cast and crew and the whole team. I'm so looking forward to working with them all again too!

Pictured here last year: Nabilah Hamid as Princess Kim K. and Jayson Phuah as Aladdin.

                                                            Tria Aziz as the Genie of the Ring and Peter Davis as Abanaza!

Tickets are on sale already with an early bird promo "Buy 1 Free 1" for opening night 2nd December 2016. Based on last year's response, I suggest buying early to get the good seats.
Buy Tickets: www.tix.my
Or call: +6017 2BUYTIX | +60 17 2289849


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

SING. DANCE. ACT! Yearly Performing Arts musical theatre workshop starts soon!

I'm excited to say it's that time of year again and this school holiday, our energizing Musical Theatre programme is back: 
"School's Out, Musical Theatre's IN!" is the intensive training to prepare one to come up to par in order to be ready to audition for our year-end musical production. After the workshop, if one makes it through the auditions, students have the possibility to partake in the rest of the programme for free (entire programme is 3 months), culminating in the professional-level show, the Broadway musical "Seussical." staged at PJ Live Arts theatre in December. We encourage all of our students to participate, on and also backstage. As you may have witnessed last year, with our sold out staging of "Seussical Jr." the experience is like none other and there are very few performing arts schools who conduct this type of programme, investing heavily in the production quality and treating the students as professionals.
“School’s Out Musical Theatre’s In!” (SOMTI) 2014.
This workshop is to train students to be a "triple threat", the ability to act, sing AND dance. The fun-filled, packed workshop gives students a solid foundation in all three disciplines, but more importantly, it tends to be a life-changing experience that opens one's creative thinking skill-set and instills a confidence that could last a lifetime.

Be trained by Malaysia’s award-winning and experienced theatre professionals, such as:
DANCE: J.Redza, Suhaili Micheline, Ajim Aris, 
VOICE: Llew Marsh, Fitri Hiswady, Amy Yeoh
ACTING: Ghafir Akbar, Joanna Bessey

"School’s Out, Musical Theatre’s IN!" will coincide with the commencement of the school holidays on the last 3 weekends of September at Enfiniti Academy in Kota Damansara.
13,14,20,21,27,28th September 2014, 2-6pm and culminates in a Workshop Presentation on the 28th Sept. 6-7pm in our Black Box Theatre.
(Auditions for Seussical will be 1,2, 8,9th October). 

See you there!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Musical Theatre Workshop for Young People and Year End Production in the Theatre!

I am quite excited about our big, once a year musical theatre programme at Enfiniti Academy this year, because it culminates in a larger scale student production of a Broadway musical, hopefully with as many of our students as possible!

Leading up to the auditions, to prepare our students in teaching them HOW to sing, act and dance and the ability to do all three skillsets at once (our future "triple-threats"!) we have our "School's Out, Musical Theatre's IN!" workshop for two age groups: 10-13years and 14-18years. All participants will audition for the musical on the last day, 27th October, in which we'll determine all the roles.

It's going to be a really special experience for young people in the performing arts. And an opportunity not to be missed!

We have the support (and therefore an implied endorsement of our programme) of Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN), our national Arts and Culture body. So I am glad that our efforts with young people and education in the performing arts will a part of this new wave of supported works. It'll be exciting to see what all the other theatre companies will be working on!

For this upcoming workshop, I'm really excited that we have my good friend, and world respected singer/vocalist, Heidi Vogel! We also have a great line-up of well-respected industry professionals to teach and share their success with students. So I am very excited about the new talent we'll be discovering.... and then giving them the opportunity to showcase that talent in a professional theatre.

Women's Weekly Article

We had a lovely interview for Women's Weekly magazine come out last month (August), with myself and many of our younger students. It was so much fun. Hope more parents read up on the benefits of performing arts to our children's lives, of which some points are included here.

Some of the students pictured here just did a mini-showcase for the end of the semester class, for their parents. And they did particularly well! Obviously, as a teacher, I track the progress of the students and the ones who are consistent, have had some remarkable results. Their parents were so pleased and some left beaming with pride. I certainly was too. :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's ON, this school holiday!!! wooohoooo

Like to sing? dance? act? perform on stage? in the run up to a production next year, polish up your skills this school holiday with Enfiniti Academy!

Working with the Phantom of the Opera, Best Director nomination AND Starmaker Bootcamp & School's Out Musical theatre workshops return!

It's been quite a while since I've last written a post on my blog! Earlier this year I was busy behind the scenes now directing "An Evening with the Phantom" concert with the amazing Ramin Karimloo (who's Canadian actually!) with the breath-taking voice, who played the Phantom on the West End. If you've not seen him in the 25th Anniversary DVD of Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall, it's a MUST.
We had two standing ovations each show, so it was extremely gratifying and was a superb team effort pulling it all together with the severe time constraints.

Since my last post I was also nominated in the Best Director category for the recent 'Boh' Cameronian Arts Awards for directing the Broadway musical 'Dreamgirls'. So that was quite an honour and very exciting for me. (pix to follow soon!)

I've also been busy with my "day job" as Course Director for the new Enfiniti Academy. So if you're a fan of musical theatre and/or aspire to be a triple threat, I strongly recommend you join us with our upcoming line-up of celebrity teachers from the industry and one guest teacher from the U.S.!

Starting 24th  November 2012, for a total of 3-weekends, we'll be training you how to sing, dance and act like a pro! with a Workshop Presentation/Performance on the last day 9th December. See you in workshop!

Monday, June 04, 2012

School's Out, Let's DANCE!

What are you doing this school holiday??? Learn the different musical theatre dance styles, 6-9th June 2012 from 4-6pm, with a workshop presentation for friends and family on the last day at 6pm!

Dance your a*#@$ off!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Little Actors -Drama Class for 3-6 year olds

Inspired by the fact that my baby boy just turned 1 years old and loves to sing and dance, as well as several of the staff working at Enfiniti Vision Media, I have created a new class with the lovely Lorna Henderson for this age group.

Little Actors (3-6years)with Lorna Henderson

Explore the magical world of make believe in these fun and

playful sessions. Children will re-discover fairytales and

nursery rhymes, with drama, dance, song, art activities and

props-making to help re-tell the tales and songs that we all

know and love.

Saturdays 11am-11:45am

RM250 + 50 Registration Fee

For April 14,21,28 and May 12,19,26

Enfiniti Academy Level 1 Studio

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Absolutely Contemporary -new dance class with Suhaili Micheline

So for the past four months I have been working hard as the Course Director for Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina's new performing arts school, Enfiniti Academy (also fondly known as ENACT).

To date we've had more than 190 students come through doing various classes and workshops from Muscial Theatre to Script-writing to Acting masterclasses and more! It's a great challenge and so much fun. Especially when we discover new and extraordinary talent.

And now to add to acclaimed dancer Suhaili Micheline's weekly dance-cardio classes (Dance It Off!) we've also created a brand new class for more advanced dancers, Absolutely Contemporary. I am really excited about this new class and I look forward to seeing more polished and pro dancers like Suhaili in our upcoming musicals and shows!

Suhaili will be covering:  
Basic Safe Dance Practice (which is a deep understanding of the connection between body and mind,
 and executions of movements using proper anatomical awareness).  
Basic Understanding of Improvisations (gaining knowledge & movement interpretation throughout the
music, with the music and silence).  
Choreography and collaboration (a development of phrases,expressions and interpretation towards 
a lyrical work).  
Basic Core Strengthening Exercises (based on Yoga & Pilates methods, Suhaili combines it with 
a variety of exercises to tone & achieve better posture and lines).
If interested please email enact@enfiniti.com.my 
or call 03-6142-8115