Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love Journey 2 coming soon in April 2011! Busy end to 2010...

It's been a busy past couple of months with a lot of projects in the works coming soon! Including the character of "Lily M. La Rue" who returns to the stage with the Michael Veerapen Trio in April 2011!
More uploads and pics of Love Journey part 1 coming soon!........

In the meantime, catch Joanna Bessey with the Michael Veerapen Trio this weekend, 21st and 22nd January 2011 at the Mezze Lounge, 9:30pm.

Since the re-run of "Shout!" the musical in October:
I performed (sang) with the Michael Veerapen Trio at Alexis Bistro,
was a judge at the "Short & Sweet" theatre festival,
performed in a MRCA corporate show,
shot a cameo role in the mini-series about "Natrah",
continued my voice-over recordings for the animated series, "Supertots",
played a BBC-type news reporter in a commercial shoot for Mercedes (it was exciting working with a Swiss Oscar-nominated director, Reto Caffi! But I did feel rather short next to him! He is double my height; seriously),
directed the ACTS school students in their year end musical production "The King of Pop" at KLPAC Pentas 1,
conducted a week of auditions for the musical "Dreamgirls" with Broadway Academy (which I've been asked to direct later this year),
organised Heidi Vogel to fly from London to perform at Alexis Bistro,
continued my rehearsals with Dato' Faridah Merican for the play I'll be doing with her in May
and finally took some family time off at Christmas! Whew!!!
It's been a crazy busy end to 2010! And all this plus a lot of life-changing family stuff as well!......It's no wonder I haven't had a chance to write a post in a while! :) But I promise to post some more pics and video snippets of all this soon-ish...... :) Meanwhile please check out the link to snippet of Heidi's gig at Alexis (below) Enjoy!

(tired after a short overnight shoot for "Natrah" in Frasers Hill)

Heidi Vogel at Alexis Bistro, December shows

Check out the snippet from Heidi's Alexis Bistro gig in December! Plus her radio interview on BFM. Enjoy! Go to