Thursday, September 12, 2013

Musical Theatre Workshop for Young People and Year End Production in the Theatre!

I am quite excited about our big, once a year musical theatre programme at Enfiniti Academy this year, because it culminates in a larger scale student production of a Broadway musical, hopefully with as many of our students as possible!

Leading up to the auditions, to prepare our students in teaching them HOW to sing, act and dance and the ability to do all three skillsets at once (our future "triple-threats"!) we have our "School's Out, Musical Theatre's IN!" workshop for two age groups: 10-13years and 14-18years. All participants will audition for the musical on the last day, 27th October, in which we'll determine all the roles.

It's going to be a really special experience for young people in the performing arts. And an opportunity not to be missed!

We have the support (and therefore an implied endorsement of our programme) of Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN), our national Arts and Culture body. So I am glad that our efforts with young people and education in the performing arts will a part of this new wave of supported works. It'll be exciting to see what all the other theatre companies will be working on!

For this upcoming workshop, I'm really excited that we have my good friend, and world respected singer/vocalist, Heidi Vogel! We also have a great line-up of well-respected industry professionals to teach and share their success with students. So I am very excited about the new talent we'll be discovering.... and then giving them the opportunity to showcase that talent in a professional theatre.

Women's Weekly Article

We had a lovely interview for Women's Weekly magazine come out last month (August), with myself and many of our younger students. It was so much fun. Hope more parents read up on the benefits of performing arts to our children's lives, of which some points are included here.

Some of the students pictured here just did a mini-showcase for the end of the semester class, for their parents. And they did particularly well! Obviously, as a teacher, I track the progress of the students and the ones who are consistent, have had some remarkable results. Their parents were so pleased and some left beaming with pride. I certainly was too. :)