Sunday, April 08, 2012

Absolutely Contemporary -new dance class with Suhaili Micheline

So for the past four months I have been working hard as the Course Director for Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina's new performing arts school, Enfiniti Academy (also fondly known as ENACT).

To date we've had more than 190 students come through doing various classes and workshops from Muscial Theatre to Script-writing to Acting masterclasses and more! It's a great challenge and so much fun. Especially when we discover new and extraordinary talent.

And now to add to acclaimed dancer Suhaili Micheline's weekly dance-cardio classes (Dance It Off!) we've also created a brand new class for more advanced dancers, Absolutely Contemporary. I am really excited about this new class and I look forward to seeing more polished and pro dancers like Suhaili in our upcoming musicals and shows!

Suhaili will be covering:  
Basic Safe Dance Practice (which is a deep understanding of the connection between body and mind,
 and executions of movements using proper anatomical awareness).  
Basic Understanding of Improvisations (gaining knowledge & movement interpretation throughout the
music, with the music and silence).  
Choreography and collaboration (a development of phrases,expressions and interpretation towards 
a lyrical work).  
Basic Core Strengthening Exercises (based on Yoga & Pilates methods, Suhaili combines it with 
a variety of exercises to tone & achieve better posture and lines).
If interested please email 
or call 03-6142-8115