Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Malaysian Nature Society trip to Belum and Temenggor Rainforest

Last week I went on an MNS trip with the Body Shop and members of the media to the quite stunning rainforest complex, about 4 hours north of KL by car.

The highlights were staying on a tiny island, seeing the amazing variety and beauty of rainforest trees, getting leeched, hiking to the animal salt lick and seeing a bull elephant in the wild!

Tragically I also witnessed the totally non-sustainable logging techniques that wipes the 130 million year old eco-system, off the face of the planet. And the speed with which it is being done. At the moment, since the logging is supposed to phase out by end of 2008, the logging is going on 24hours a day. Considering this rainforest existed even BEFORE dinosaurs roamed the earth, the implications of destroying it for short-term profit, benefitting relatively few, are tremendously serious.

Take action to protect it, before the gifts of air quality and clean, fresh water, benefitting the WORLD, worsen further. At a time when many countries are suffering from drought, we are truly blessed to have our Rainforest.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exploring Malaysia with BBC World!

Check out exclusive, behind-the-scene photos of the shoot Joanna has been working on for BBC World. See our stunning and fascinating country, as never before!

Some stories of what it was like and more pics to follow soon!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sun Bear Fundraiser Dinner

We raised just over 1.3 million that night for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre!

The Fundraising Dinner ended up being a great success! Check out: http://sunbears.wildlifedirect.org/2008/11/14/yes-we-did-it-thank-you-thank-you-and-thank-you/

Well done to all the donors and organisers! It was a fun evening!

Lend your support to our endangered Malayan Sun Bears! Protect rather than regret!
Conserve their habitat in the wild, for their sakes and ours.