Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heidi Vogel at No Black Tie with Valtinho

Heidi and ValtinhoShantini and Paul.
Roslan, Joanna B. and Joanne Kam.

Heidi, Valtinho, Joanna and Evelyn.
Heidi, Valtinho and the rest of the musicians, Willy Rebano, Norman and Rik Omar were simply quite fantastic!

Heidi really blew everyone away with her incredible voice and powerful emotional impact. It's no wonder she's been touring Jazz festivals all over the world, performed at the Royal Albert Hall and has been the singer for the Cinematic Orchestra for the past two years.
It was a really, really special night at No Black Tie; a full house and the audience was almost in shock, being uplifted by the sublime. Seriously, I was so awed and proud of Heidi. We've been really good friends since we were kids and it was so fabulous to finally have her here in Malaysia.

The Cinematic Orchestra just finished touring in Australia but they'll be in Singapore, at the Esplanade on 20th March 2009!



At 2:59 AM , Blogger said...

Hi Jo Be,

Watched your documentary Exploring Malaysia. It's very informative and educational, aside of course from having a pretty presenter!


Al Jacinto


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